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The AUS Computing Camp is an online educational and entertaining event. During the camp, we were able to engage in a series of experiments related to various topics in Computer Science and Engineering. We also explored new grounds of science and developed essential skills necessary for our future University life.


Digital Systems Design


Home I/O

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Programming in Python

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App Development


Computer Networks

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Machine Learning

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Testimonial - Prajwal Kokatnur

These 6 days of the camp was a great experience! The topics were interesting, well-structured and clearly explained by the excellent professors. I learnt a lot and would like to continue to work on new challenges from these topics. It was really nice to see all the professors making each and every one of us very comfortable and also making sure that everyone was clear with the concepts. It is an honour to be a student for this year's AUSCSE camp.

Thank you to Dr. Fadi Aloul and all the professors for this wonderful camp! It was productive, informative and above all…

I enjoyed it!